Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development & Design Center
Autonomus Body Under Ministry of Mines, Government of India

Projects Archieve

Center has Successfully completed several major projects for Ministry of Mines and the Indian Aluminium and other industries

  • Bauxite Technical Data and Information Bank
  • Benificiation of low grade bauxite and laterite
  • Development of Integrated technology for processing of east coast bauxite for production of alumina
  • De-ironing of east coast bauxite and improvement of digestion efficiency of east coast bauxite & enhancement of alumina productivity
  • Extraction , Characterization and Removal / Control of organic impurities in Bayer process
  • Development of Rapid analytical procedure for bauxite and semi-quantitative analysis of scrap aluminium
  • Development of Rapid analytical procedure for Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt
  • Development of an Expert system for Aluminium Electrolysis Cell
  • Simulation and die design for complex Aluminium Extruded profiles
  • Preparation and Certification of Aluminium Alloys Reference Materials
  • Development of Friction Stir Welding Technique for Aluminium Steel Joint
  • Recyling of Industrial Wastes into glass Ceramic Products
  • Development of guidelines for disposal & Utilization of red mud for Aluminium Industry
  • Management of bauxite residue (AP-7 Red Mud Project) Development of Glass Ceramics and light weight aggregates- Foam Products
  • Estimation and validation of precipitation parameters
  • Modernisation of alumina & Smelter Plant
  • Monitoring of plant scale trial of synthetic flocculants
  • Heat Treatment process for destruction of toxic cyanide present in Spent Pot Lining (SPL)
  • Recovery of valuables from heat treated Spent Pot Lining Material
  • Double digestion study of bauxite
  • Characterization and technological study of Bauxite for setting up an Alumina Plant
  • Study of Impurity Buildup during bauxite process and its effect on Bayer Liquor Chemistry
  • Development of Certified Reference Materials for selected Indian Ore
  • Infrared Thermography study for predictive maintenance at Alumina refinery
  • Development of a probe for Liquids Temperature determination of Electrolysis Bath
  • Preparation of low ferric alum from low grade aluminium dross
  • Development of high speed extrusion alloys for the Indian ALuminium Industry
  • Melt loss study and derive solutions for its reduction
  • Caustic soda Consumption audit for alumina refinery